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Q. Hi Answermn, I have a 2001 saturn Ion.My engine light came on so I had it checked out,My code is P0172 the mechanic said I had leaky injectors. We replaced 2 of them.I drove the car and not real far. The light came back on I took it back and he said I still have the same problem. What should I do?

A.Replacing injectors can be costly, I recommend you have the car rescanned. Before replacing anything else, the mechanic should pay close attention to the MAF Sensor(Mass Airflow Sensor) Readings.This sensor monitors the amount of air coming into the engine and sends the information to the PCM(Powertrain Control Module).The PCM then adjust the air/fuel mixture accordingly.The readings may be skewed resulting in the rich condition your experiencing.Let me know your outcome.

Q. Hello Ollie, My question is this, I have a 2003 Ford Taurus why do I hear a loud popping sound when I turn sharp like making U turns and can I fix it?

A. It sounds like you have a bad CV (Constant Velocity) Joint.This is part of the axles on front wheel drive vehicles. To check this raise and SUPPORT the vehicle.Look at these axles, a good sign of a bad joint is a broken cv boot.When this rubber boot breaks it allows the protective grease to escape and dirt,and water to enter the joint causing your popping sound on sharp turns.When these joints first came out we would pull the axle and replace the boot and or the joint. Nowdays you can buy a Quick boot or Rebuilt axle for a fair price I recommend the later. Of course you can repair this if you have the right tools.Just remember safety is key,make sure everything is seated properly and tight.

Q. I have an old Ford Truck she has alot of miles on her but she still runs good and I've taken pretty good care of her. My problem is in the last couple of months after sitting awhile like over night, when I start it up in morning it smokes a light color smoke. The smoke goes away and my friend says it is running rich. What do you think?

A. Well it sounds like you may need new valve seals. Over time they can start to crack and allow oil to seep past them.This problem will get worse left unrepaired.The good news this repair can be made without having to pull the heads and going to more expense. The procedure requires a really good air compressor, adapter to replace the spark plug and pump up the cylinder, and a valve spring compression tool. You will need to do this one cylinder at a time. Pump up the cylinder so you dont drop the valve then compress the valve spring. Remove the 2 keepers then the spring. Replace the old seal with the new one, reinstall the spring, then the keepers.You have an intake valve and a exhaust valve seals to replace. Reinstall the spark plug and go to the next cylinder. Remember if your not sure then DO NOT ATTEMPT, Find someone to do it for you. Good luck.

Q. Hello Ollie, I have a brake question that I need help with. My brakes were making a grinding sound so I replaced the pads and the rotors both had deep grooves in them. I put everything back together and took it for a test drive, all seemed good enough at first but now I have a squeek when I hit the brakes. I jacked the car back up pulled the wheels the calipers are releasing and everything looks good. I'm stumped any suggestions?

A. Dear Stumped, Sounds like you may have a loose pad issue, I did not see what kind of car you have and you did'nt say anything about replacing the mounting hardware for the pads. Alot of times a squeek is the result of vibration due to pad movement. Make sure all hardware is in place and the pads are tight. E-mail me back with your outcome.

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