Automotive Answerman

Hello, and welcome to Automotive Answerman.
My name is Ollie I have been in the automotive
industry since 1978 and seen alot of changes in this
market over time. But one thing has always stayed
the same-YOU-the do it yourself person.
With the economy in the tank and labor rates in most
areas over $100 an hour. I wanted to create a free
site to help you with some of the more common
service needs you are likely to come across.
In the following pages you will find a Code Library
 and the possible causes that can make that pesky
 Check Engine Light come on.
You will also find answers to FAQs, Maintenance
Tips, Vehicle Reviews,and links to sites where you
find specialty tools, accessories and other products.
I hope you find the answers you are looking for.
Thank You for visiting.

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